Your 2020 Marketing Campaign

If your company does not have a comprehensive Marketing Plan for 2020, you will be missing out on sales and profits this year. I am sure you have ideas how you want to promote your business, but if you have not laid out an integrated campaign of advertising, PR, media and sales promotion… we need to talk.

Most marketers have some thoughts on how they want to promote their products and services, but lack the outside objectivity, experience and creativity that a Marketing Consultant offers. A marketing professional puts everything into perspective to implement a coordinated, cost effective promotional campaign. A marketing consultant is the architect that engineers the design and structure before the contractor begins to build it. This assures an effective strategy is developed, implemented and coordinated for maximum effectiveness and to avoid flawed, risky and costly oversights.

Marketing Analysis Session: The first step is the evaluation of your company’s past sales performance, what has been working and what has not. Then to establish goals and objectives. This consultation is essential before the creation or production of any advertising materials or commitment of media. In the consultation session, the marketer is encouraged to present their ideas, engage thoughts of partners and staff, look at competitor’s materials and discuss their unique marketing problems. The marketing consultant will evaluate these responses and present solutions, explore options, and offer sound advice. We will discuss new products, entering new markets, competition and projected marketing trends and media, while considering the direction management wants to take the company. And finally, we look at the marketing budget.  This analysis is a comprehensive, objective evaluation specific to the marketers’ business. Tom Smisek CPC, has developed an exclusive questionnaire used in the interview with the client. It is designed to reveal factors that become opportunities to capitalize on. In the analysis, an objective critique of the business structure, marketing elements, and advertising efforts are appraised and discussed.

Marketing recommendations: The second part of the consultation addresses specific marketing problems unique to the marketer and offers concepts, ideas and suggestions to develop and improve the client’s marketing, sales and advertising campaign. Coordination with existing programs are examined for integration into a new marketing strategy. Together we explore creative alternatives and proven promotional methods designed to increase sales efficiency.

By the conclusion of the consultation session, the client will have an outline of a basic Marketing Plan. The marketer may implement many of the ideas immediately however, some require professional expertise to create, produce and implement. These options will be presented at the end of the session.

Laying out a plan After the Marketing Analysis Session, the Marketing Consultant will do some research and follow-up to the client. The Plan presents recommended advertising elements, media, PR and sales promotional concepts along with budget allocations to implement the program.

Time is of the essence: Summer seasonal businesses need to launch a marketing program after the first of the year. Dealers and distributors are placing orders to meet projected consumer buying needs in early spring. So, it is essential to influence your market BEFORE they make a buying decision, which mean launching your campaign after the first of the year. Procrastination only delays sales.

Tom Smisek Consultants is an Orange County CA based advertising/marketing firm established in 1980, serving Southern California.