Tom Smisek ConsultantsNow that the election is over, the survival and prosperity of your business is up to you. If your company is not doing as well as it had in the past, your income is down, or sales are slow, you are not alone. Many businesses, from mega-corporations to small entrepreneurs, have been affected by our current depressed economy. If your business is stagnant or loosing sales, chances are you have tried to do everything you can, but it hasn’t worked. So where do you go from here? You have three options: Do nothing, or ride it out by continuing on your current path, or be proactive and take aggressive steps to improve your condition. There is no middle road that maybe if you do just a little bit more, that things might start to improve. Sporadic, uncoordinated advertising efforts will not produce optimum response, but waste money and portray a poor business image. You have only one chance to make an impact in this economy… do it right! 

Being reactive by doing nothing new and just staying the course, surrenders your future to the conditions of the market, in the hopes that the economy will get better and your competitors won’t steal your customers in the mean time. The risks being pro-active requires some fresh innovative thinking, a dynamic marketing strategy, and a capital investment with no guarantee of results. Aggressive marketing posses these questions: What to do? When to do it? How to do it? Who is going to do it? Get professional help to answer. In the old west, when the town was in trouble and overrun with bad guys, the local Sheriff called in a Hired Gun to bolster his capabilities. You can call in a Marketing “Hired Gun” to objectively put things into perspective.

Calling in a marketing professional is a lot like going to the doctor when you are not feeling well. First, the Doc performs an examination to determine what is wrong, and then the Doctor will prescribe a treatment. A marketing professional will do this for your company… first find and identify the problems, then offer solutions. Like the physician who reduces the risk of self-medication, an experienced marketing specialist will reduce costly risks and even fatal mistakes.

An objective analysis of your marketing is performed. This is a consultation session with a comprehensive assessment of your operation and current marketing efforts. During this conference the marketing professional will ask probing questions about your operation, sales history, marketing and advertising methods along with success and failures. Be candid and provide all information including samples of advertising materials for a critique of your promotional material. Media will be discussed

With a profile of your business, the Marketing Consultant can then begin to rough out a basic strategy. Recommendations are not limited to advertising, marketing and sales promotion, but may also address other aspects of the clients business operation including products and services. Concepts, ideas and advice are offered and based on the extent of the experience of the Marketing Consultant. During the session cost options of the marketing campaign will be addressed.  By the end of the consultation the Marketer will have a marketing strategy concept, which to base a comprehensive Marketing Plan. At this point you will have only invested the cost of the consultation, which is about $300.00.

What happens after the Consultation? The Marketing Consultant will prepare a summary report and proposal. The client has the option of implementing these recommendations or not. Many of the ideas and suggestions offered can be performed by the marketer and their staff, but the creation, production, implementing advertising and PR elements and coordinating the campaign, is left up to the marketing professional. Campaign elements like Catalogs, Brochures, Ads,  PR  and Trade Show marketing  must be professionally designed and implemented as a coordinate campaign. Contact a Marketing Consultant  “Effective marketing strategy is essential for today’s business survival and success!” 

Tom Smisek CPC Certified Professional Consultant by Academy of Professional Consultants & Advisors Based in Orange County California.