Tom Smisek ConsultantsIf your business has been down over the past few years, take heart, business is up along with consumer confidence now. Unemployment is a record lows. Tax breaks are putting more money in the pockets of buyers. This is a great time to dynamically increase sale and profits. It is also a good time to start a new business.

Be Pro-Active! The risks being pro-active requires fresh innovative thinking, a dynamic marketing strategy, and a capital investment. Aggressive marketing posses some questions: What do I need to do? When should I do it? How to do it? Who is going to do it? To answer these and other questions, consider bringing in an outside professional.  In the old west, when the town was in trouble and overrun with bad guys, the local Sheriff called in a Hired Gun to bolster his capabilities. You can call in a Marketing “Hired Gun” to objectively put things into perspective for your business. A marketing professional will first find and identify the problems, then offer solutions.

To start with we offer an objective analysis . This is a comprehensive consultation session and  assessment of your, business, objectives and current marketing efforts. During this conference the marketing professional will ask probing questions about your operation, sales history, marketing and advertising methods along with your success and failures. Be candid and provide information including samples of advertising materials

With a profile of your business, the Marketing Consultant can then begin to rough out a basic strategy. Recommendations are not limited to advertising, marketing and sales promotion, but may also address other aspects of the clients business operation including products and services. Concepts, ideas and advice are offered and based on the extent of the experience of the Marketing Consultant. During the session cost options of the marketing campaign will be addressed.  By the end of the consultation the Marketer will have a marketing strategy concept, which to base a comprehensive Marketing Plan. At this point you will have only invested the cost of the consultation, which is about $300.00.

What happens after the Consultation? The Marketing Consultant will prepare a summary report and proposal. The client has the option of implementing these recommendations or not. Many of the ideas and suggestions offered can be performed by the marketer and their staff, but the creation, production, implementing advertising and PR elements and coordinating the campaign, is left up to the marketing professional. Campaign elements like Catalogs, Brochures, Ads,  PR  and Trade Show marketing  must be professionally designed and implemented as a coordinate campaign. Contact a Marketing Consultant  “Effective marketing strategy is essential for today’s business survival and success!” 

Tom Smisek CPC Certified Professional Consultant by Academy of Professional Consultants & Advisors Based in Orange County California.