Matching Message and Media to the Market

Matching MarketingLIRecently I discovered a local Czech Restaurant and was eager to once again enjoy the delicious cuisine that I remember from my youth. I visited Milan’s Grill, in west Anaheim, Orange County California and was not disappointed. The food is excellent. This is a small place, run by a husband and wife from Europe. It was not crowded, so I asked the owner, “How are you advertising your business?” She replied that she was putting daily specials on Facebook, and said, “But I am getting mostly young people.” That is understandable, because young people are on Facebook. Media appealing to the Traditional market would be more appropriate. Folks like me, who grew up on Grandma’s cooking, and those that have visited Europe would be a more responsive market.

For businesses targeting Millennial’s or Generation X, Social Media is a good way to reach them. Even though Social Media is the current rage, not everyone is caught up in the frenzy. Recent articles have commented that studies have shown, Facebook’s a waste of time for most small businesses. I am not coming down on Facebook, just putting things into perspective. Every generation is different and is receptive to different advertising stimulus. A recent article titled, Marketing to Graybeards illustrates that Cyber Media does not reach many in the senior market.

Effective advertising is comprised of dynamic graphics, and inspiring copy geared to attract buyer’s attention and motivate them to respond. The ad is important but the right media has to deliver that message. There are many creative concepts that reach out to different market segments. These are determined in a marketing consultation with a Marketing Consultant and include: marketers objectives, parameters, market demographics / profile and advertising budget. Only an experienced marketing professional can objectively develop and implement an effective media strategy combining creating motivational ads and targeted media. For more information: