Successful Marketing: Science + Creativity + Timing!

SciTalTime“Here is what I want to say”, is a statement I have heard many times over the years. My reply is, “It is more important what your customer wants to hear.” Business owners have told me, “I know my market and how to advertise to it.” Some marketers rely on their “gut feeling” to base their marketing and advertising. While business management does have knowledge based on their personal experience with their products and services, they cannot place themselves into the mindset of their buyers or potential customers. What is lacking, is outside objectivity to interpret, experience to implement and talent to create a marketing campaign that resonates with the end user. As a marketing professional, I develop an objective strategy based on a combination of science, creativity and timing.

First, the Science. Determining market receptiveness to a product or service requires interpretation of research, marketing data and speculation of current trends. The expertise and intuition of an outside professional evaluates all market conditions to establish a cohesive strategy. While marketers may have insight into market status they may have a subjective mindset on how the market perceives their product in ads and collateral. Objective assessment by a professional is essential to establish the foundation of a marketing campaign.

Creative interpretation is more than just graphics and advertising copy. It is developing a dynamic and unique presentation to position the product and capitalize market factors (Science). Graphic images designed to impact the market by grabbing attention and motivating the potential customer to take action is the Creative aspect of successful advertising. Creativity is also applied in media selection, packaging and sales promotion. How, when and where advertising is utilized can result in a successful marketing campaign or a flop.

Timing is everything! To maximize sales response, it must reach the prospective market before they are ready to make a buying decision. There are windows of opportunity that open at specific times. Whether it be seasonal buying trends, or emerging market opportunities, the marketer must be a head of the curve to achieve maximum response. The longer a marketer waits, the more potential sales will be lost.

Engaging the services of an experienced marketing consultant will take these factors into consideration. A Marketing Analysis will determine objectives and layout ideas and options for the marketer. For more information: