Bus Survival KitBIn today’s current depressed economic climate, and times of market uncertainty, many businesses have gone into a “holding pattern”, reluctant to make aggressive marketing plans or allocate promotional spending. This is understandable. Business owners do not want to launch promotional campaigns when sales may not result. So they take the position, “Let’s not do anything for a while”.

Unfortunately, inaction has several negative ramifications; out of sight; out of mind… loss of market image momentum… opening the door for competition… lower company moral… inability to reach new potential buyers…. and worse, failure emerge when sales pickup.

The operative word is SURVIVAL! How can business keep marketing costs at a minimum yet maintain a presents in the market? Here is how… Smisek’s Business Survival Kit! It starts with taking stock of your current assets, liabilities, capabilities and market. This is the GPS where you now stand. We need to explore our market and alternative markets with MARKETING RESEARCH. Next we need a MAP or marketing strategy to get us where we are going. If there are sales and marketing problems, we’ll use our FIRST AID KIT to patch things up. Then we utilize the most efficient ADVERTISING TOOLS to reach our objective. No person or business can exist without nourishment, so we must rely on an AD BUDGET to feed the program. And last but not least, we will need a LIFE LINE to pull us out in case we get stuck with options and alternatives.

You may ask, “What does this all mean to my business and what is it going to cost?” Because every company, market, product line and services are unique, there is no canned answer, but as a marketing professional, I will utilize my experience and the resources we have to SAVE YOUR BUSINESS! While modest marketing fees are in order, we can often show you how to reduce advertising costs… improve the efficiency of your expenditures and offer alternative suggestions that will save you money. Tom Smisek is a Marketing Consultant based out of Orange County.

For more information on Smisek’s BUSINESS SURVIVAL KIT: www.smisek.com