Print / Digital Ads

First, the ad must attract attention of the target market. This is accomplished through creative utilization of graphics, photos and headline. The copy, or text must convey the sales message by communication features and benefits and entice the reader’s interests. And last but most important, the ad must motivate the prospect to take action. It is important to understand where, when and how ads will run. The most effective ad campaigns are part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

In addition, you need to know who are your customers, what are their habits, where do they like to spend their vacations, or free time, and build your ad campaign using this information.

As professional ad designers and media specialists we have created thousands of successful advertising campaigns for products, services and political campaigns. Let us help you develop a winning ad campaign for your company.

√ Award winning creativity
√ In-House graphic design and production capabilities
√ Copywriting
√ Illustration – Technical and Graphic
√ Commercial Photography – Product and Location
√ Media- Advise, recommendations and coordination
√ Marketing Strategy and campaign coordination

“The objective of print and on-line ads are to capture interest and generate sales!”

Tom Smisek CPC
Certified Professional Consultant by Academy of Professional Consultants & Advisors