Catalog / Brochure Design

Sales materials such as catalogs, brochures and direct mail pieces convey an image about your business. This form of communication might be the first or only exposure a customer has about your company. These can produce positive results when designed and produced properly. Using professionally photographed products with enough detailed copy to help your customers understand the products/services you offer will create a positive experience for them about your company.

We have produced hundreds of catalogs and brochures in print and digital format. The materials we create are written to be informative for your customers, and designed to easily find the items they need to help motivate sales.

From concept to finished product:
√ Graphic Design—layout and production
√ Copywriting—for your specific customer
√ Photography – studio and location
√ Competitive printing prices

Let us review your current materials to see how they can become more motivating for your customers. Give Tom Smisek a call today at (714) 649-2528.

“Effective advertising collateral is designed to motivate the shopper to buy!”

Tom Smisek CPC
Certified Professional Consultant by Academy of Professional Consultants & Advisors