Strategic Marketing / Marketing Analysis

A Marketing Plan is essential for every business. It is your road map to success. As market conditions change, you need to be prepared and adjust your plan. TSC will consult with you to evaluate the market situation, develop fresh ideas, consider exploring new markets, and advise on new approaches for the sales team.

The biggest mistake that most entrepreneurs make is they really believe if they have a good idea the world will beat a path to their door and buy it. WRONG! Developing a product or service is only one-third of the equation. The other two-thirds require marketing and selling it. In other words, for every dollar you spend on developing your idea you need two more bucks to market it.
What do I mean, “market it”? Build a market demand by advertising, developing sales inquires, line up distribution channels and a method to SELL the product. This takes hard work (sales) and money. If given the option, I would rather invest my money to generate potential buyers clamoring for my product, than spend all my money on a warehouse full of goods and have no potential sales.

How a Marketing Consultant can improve your business.

Objectivity- No matter how hard we all try we cannot be objective with ourselves. Outside objectivity is the most important contribution a marketing consultant can offer.

Experience- is not only learning from personal successes and failures, but also from others. The wisdom of experience reduces risks and increases the prospects of success.

Creative Talent- As ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, we must not loose sight that the beholder is not the designer, or the boss, but the customer in the market!

Marketing Intuition- When a combination of talent and experience is applied in an insightful manner to predict and guide a marketing effort, it is called “Marketing Intuition”.

How TSC can help your business:

√ Business Analysis
√ Market Analysis
√ Strategic Planning
√ Marketing Plan
√ New business evaluation

New Product Marketing

“Our in-depth strategic marketing analysis is the secret to survival”