Trade Show Display / Press Kits / Sales Collateral

Trade Shows are important and so is your booth. It is a reflection of your branding. We work with you to develop the best cost effective booth that will attract potential customers at trade shows. In addition, we will create the necessary marketing and sales promotion materials for a successful show. Exhibiting at a trade show isn’t going to increase sales if you are not prepared, or have a plan. It will require your sales team to be completely knowledgeable of your new products, have creative incentives that are not normally offered throughout the year, and your collateral materials should be updated, these are just a few of the things you need to do before exhibiting. And after the trade show you need to turn those trade show contacts into sales.

With TSC on your team, we will:

√ Develop a trade show marketing strategy. Being prepared is critical. Plan ahead with pre-show materials and promotions.
√ Design or re-design your exhibit booth. New graphics can make a booth more impressive.
√ Staff Orientation. We will work with your staff to create a powerful sales presentation.
√ Press Kit. The kit will tell the media what you will be displaying, facts about the company and invite them to your booth.
√ Follow up program. Our proven methods to “close” after-show sales leads is critical, let us show you how.

“The primary objective of exhibiting at a trade show is impress prospective buyers!”

Tom Smisek CPC
Certified Professional Consultant by Academy of Professional Consultants & Advisors