Don’t advertise without a plan


Some marketers buy advertising based on graphic design alone. They sporadically run ads in the least expensive media and hope to attract business. While it is desirable to have attractive artwork, advertising is more than artwork… it’s more that posting on Social Media. Impressive advertising is more important than the ad message communicates the features and benefits and motivates prospective buyers to respond. For maximum exposure, ads need to be timely placed in targeted media.

An effective advertising program is a planned campaign based on a coordinated strategy, combining creative concepts, a compelling motivational message and utilizing targeted media. Sporadic disjointed advertising efforts rarely produce significant results and may in fact damage the image and brand of the marketer. So, before you design an ad, collateral or mailer, understand you need more than a Graphic Designer, you need a marketing plan developed by a Marketing Professional. 

If you are building a house you wouldn’t rely on an interior designer to build it would you?  You would want an experienced architect to engineer it. This analogy applies to developing a marketing campaign, you need a sound marketing foundation developed by an experienced professional to lay the groundwork before you start constructing and decorating. Designing ads without a marketing plan, or piece at a time, is like building a house without a blueprint, one room at a time.

So, how does a business go about developing a comprehensive marketing strategy? First, you need to confer with a Marketing Consultant for a Marketing Analysis. This is a fact-finding session like the soils test of your building site before you begin making plans to build. The analysis will identify factors and opportunities unique to your business and market on which to develop your specific strategy. With a strategy established, the creative elements can be created based on a central theme and media can be selected and coordinated for maximum impact.

For more information on a marketing analysis, contact: Tom Smisek Marketing Consultants, an Orange County CA marketing firm since 1980.