Advertising certain products it is sometimes advantageous to view the internal workings, components and composition of a product. This is primarily to point out the features and functions. It works especially well when the product has superior components, over competitive models, that can be illustrated to prospective buyers for Catalogs or Product Sheets.

The see-through technique is created by photographing individual components in the exact position, lighting and angle that they appear in the fully assembled product. Then, downloading each digital image into the Photoshop application where they are enhanced, color corrected and a Clipping Path are drawn around each part to isolate that image. The component shots are then positioned and sized in a series of semi-transparent layers in the Photoshop application. The layers are arranged to show the order of assembly. Graphic treatments can be added to illustrate performance aspects of the product and labels or type can be added if the application requires

This type of artwork requires the skills and experience of an individual who is mechanically inclined and understands function and assembly and the product. This individual must also be able to produce professional-quality photography, and be highly proficient with Photoshop. Information provided by Tom Smisek Marketing Consultants Orange County California. For more information: