Yes, pretty pictures attract attention, but graphics alone, do not sell products or services. Effective advertising is a combination of creative graphics, quality photography, motivational ad copy, and timely placement in select media to a targeted audience, all developed and implemented under the umbrella of an integrated marketing strategy. In other words, it’s all these things working together under a master plan. These factors apply to all the creative elements in a marketing campaign; ads, brochures, catalogs, PR and sales support materials

Who is doing your advertising? Today, many options are available for creating advertising. From freelance graphic artists, illustrators and photographers, to ad agencies and marketing firms. Some companies go in-house and rely on office staff to do their ads. Today, any individual who feels they have an artistic flair, and has a computer with graphics software can claim to be an ad designer

While graphic designers pride themselves on their ability to do nice artwork, most do not possess copywriting skills, or more importantly, the experience and comprehension of sales and marketing. So, a company that puts a graphic artist in charge of their advertising program may get attractive looking ads, but not an effective interrelated marketing campaign. This is often a waste of money and may in fact do damage to their brand and image

The most efficient and cost-effective approach to advertising is to seek the advice of an experience, marketing professional to develop a coordinated marketing plan specific for your business. An objective Marketing Analysis is recommended to initially determine factors and opportunities unique to your company. A marketing strategy will outline a comprehensive marketing campaign. All print and on-line promotional elements are integral components of a comprehensive marketing strategy that will produce maximum impact, response and sales. In Orange County California, contact: Tom Smisek Marketing Consultants.