Influencing customers buying decisions

Ad TIMING TSCNo one advertises Bathing Suits in December or Snow Blowers in May. Seasonal marketing is all about timing. The marketer must have advertising exposure at the start of the season to reach prospective customers. To maximize advertising effectiveness, advertising must not only be targeted to the market but be designed to attract buyers and motivate them to take action and more important, be timed to reach the prospective market BEFORE they are ready to make buying decisions. Like an hourglass, when the season begins the glass is turned. The grains of trickling sand, represents prospective buyers. The longer a marketer waits, the greater the number of potential sales will have been lost.

To capitalize on market timing a coordinated effort of, advertising planning, production and placement must be engaged. First, develop a marketing strategy, design ads and produce collateral, and new product PR then time the media placement. With print media deadlines two to three months out, work should start four to five months before the selling season in both Trade and Consumer marketing. For summer seasonal businesses, this means hitting the trade (jobbers, wholesales, dealers and distributors) early in the year. This is a function of Trade Shows. Most retailers and wholesalers commit to their product line by January, February and March. So reaching the trade before that time is crucial to successful distribution and sales.

Consumer advertising follows a similar timeline, about two months before the start of the retail buying. Shoppers are checking out what is available and forming their opinions, weeks or even months before they actually purchase. Big-ticket items require “saving up”, so product selection can be made far in advance of actual sales. The Ads and Product Releases published in print and on-line magazines influence those buying decisions. Collateral distribution (Catalogs, Brochures) is indispensable prior to the start of the selling season. A new catalog has more impact, and dramatically increases response when it comes out early!

In these competitive times marketers need every advantage… developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing campaign. The right time is imperative too sales and profits! Don’t loose that important edge of reaching prospects early. Professional Marketing Help is available.