Using FREE in advertising

Power of Free BIf your have been to a Harbor Freight outlet lately you will most likely experience long lines at the cash registers just about any time of the day. Why during an economic downfall, when retail sale are down are customers breaking down the doors at Harbor Freight? The answer is “FREE”. Every advertisement they run features Free products. Some are “FREE with any purchase” and some are “FREE no purchase necessary”. How can a company make a profit giving products away free? Well, this is a calculated marketing strategy that can generate huge profits.

There are several factors that capitalize on the Free concept. First, Free motivates people to come to a specific location. Harbor Freight is gambling that if you come to their store you will find something that you will buy. Apparently it is working, because they keep doing it. The second factor is you will come to their store that you might never have considered going into. So by getting you in the door you are exposed to an array of products and you

The promotional term “Free” is also used in many TV and Radio commercials as a motivating factor. “Buy one get one free” gives the perception that the customer is receiving twice the value for their purchase price. The reality is that many of these products are overpriced so the customer is actually paying for two and the marketing company is making money. And watch out for those “shipping and handling” charges which also cover the cost of the free product.,_get_one_free

To get you to try their products, some companies offer Free Samples. This is a good gimmick as it gets you to try, and hopefully like and buy something that you would have never considered before. Check out this site for free samples:

Free applications for computer and iPhones are a great way to sell the hardware (product) Check out:

Product manufacturers have given out Free gifts to promote their brand awareness. You can choose from thousands of advertising specialties by clicking here:

As an added perk, some marketers will offer Free items like a hat or T-Shirt, Mug, Pen, etc., if you order their product, subscribe to their publications or in some cases just inquire. The word Free is a powerful motivator if used properly. Want to know how it can work for your business? Tom Smisek is a Marketing Consultant based out of Orange County.