No one ever said that advertising was going to be cheap. Some of the most expensive advertising efforts have been attempts by marketers, who try to skimp by as cheaply as possible, by doing it themselves, or using freelancers to do their artwork. Their ads and collateral may have nice graphics but they lack a strategy and a comprehensive campaign that generates sales.

Engaging the services of an ad/marketing firm will provide a professionally developed, and coordinated promotional campaign, along with minimizing the risks of costly mis-guided advertising efforts.  However, many companies find that contracting with a big-name ad agency is cost prohibitive. Major ad firms only deal with big-budget clients and their rates are high. So, small to medium sized marketers just do not have the budget to retain a top-of-the line advertising agency.

To save money, and/or because they do not understand the value of marketing, some business owners try and do it themselves. They may use their in-house office staff, or piecemeal their advertising to a graphic artist, webmaster or even a printer to create individual elements of their program. While freelancers can produce attractive artwork, they lack sales and marketing experience to develop a marketing strategy and the abilities of writing great copy for ads and PR, engaging in media negotiations and coordinating sales promotions. All of which are essential in a comprehensive, cost efficient, marketing campaign.

So, how can a business get experienced, cost effective professional marketing assistance? Tom Smisek Advertising/Marketing Consultants has provided marketing expertise to large corporations and small start-up companies in various industries for over the past five decades. We have designed, produced and implemented all-inclusive ad/PR/media campaigns and worked on special projects for a diverse clientele. Our unique fee structure enables any size firm to engage our services, as needed, by contract, project or on a consultation basis. Now, every business can get high-level professional marketing expertise at an affordable rate.

It starts with a Marketing Analysis to determine the factors and opportunities unique to your individual business. Whether you ultimately choose us to develop your campaign, or decide to go a different way, the Marketing Analysis will provide an invaluable objective evaluation of your business with ideas suggestions and options to proceed. For more information on Marketing Consultants Orange County:  Tom Smisek Advertising/Marketing Consultants Orange County California.