Ad Creativity

EinsteinCreativity can be stymied by naive business management. Many times marketers just do not understand or appreciate the value of a unique, dynamic marketing effort. Here are some of the responses heard by ad/marketing designers in response to innovative and creative concepts presented to their clients:

“It cost too much”… “We are doing OK without it.”…“That won’t work in our industry.”…“We don’t want to spend a lot of money.”… “We want to stick with what we have.”… “Here is our competitor’s ad we want something like this…”… “That is something we may do later.”… “We have never done that before.”… “This is what we want…“Let’s form a committee.” … “It isn’t in our budget.” Some marketers just do not understand the value of creativity in advertising.

There are many aspects of creativity from developing a marketing strategy to designing creative advertising elements. For example: print ads may employ a dynamic graphic or photo, a provocative headline, interesting ad copy, an attention grabbing layout, a catchy slogan, a motivational offer or a combination of these. Collateral must also employ a creative presentation. Not all ideas are good ideas. Being creative does not mean being far-out, bizarre or ridiculous. Just because it is different does not mean it is compelling. The sales message can be easily lost in a maze of distractive colors, graphics and images. So the development of a creative marketing strategy, and design of advertising elements, is best left up to the talents of an experienced professional. Creative talent is a God given gift, not possessed by everyone.

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