Setting up and Managing an In-house Ad Agency

Today some businesses are considering, or have decided, to do their own advertising internally, rather than hire an outside professional firm. The two major reasons are, cost and control, with cost being the most dominant factor. It is easy to justify lower costs when you are looking at employee wages…

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With the popularity of computer graphics software, templates and clipart, just about anyone toying with these elements can call themselves a Graphic Designer. Some businesses use Freelance Designers or in-house staff to layout their advertising materials. Primarily because they are cheaper than Professionals, and management does not place a high…

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Using FREE in advertising

If you have been to a Harbor Freight outlet lately you will most likely experience long lines at the cash registers just about any time of the day. Why, even in economic downfalls, when retail sale are down, are customers breaking down the doors at Harbor Freight? The answer is…

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Ad Creativity

Creativity is a God given talent… not possessed by everyone. Creativity in Advertising and Marketing has produced phenomenal sales results and launched many companies. But it is not understood or embraced by all marketers. Advertising Creativity can be stymied by naïve or reluctant business management because they just do not…

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Magazine Ads Drive Online Sales

The Internet has become THE major conAd Drivetender in retail sales. According to recent studies, in 2017 about 60% of us will be buying on-line

Shopping online does offer a wide selection of products and competitive pricing, however, there are some drawbacks like; navigating the maze of sites and ads to get to the product you are looking for. The biggest quandary for many marketers is reaching the perspective customer with a sales message in order for them to shop for it online. The on-line shopper has to know that the product exists, and have the correct product nomenclature, or the exact brand name in order to do a Google search. You can’t look for something that you do not know exists.

So how do marketers get their products and services known? Advertising! According to independent studies, magazines ranked the highest along with TV in directing potential buyers to Web sales. It is interesting that mature audiences rely more on traditional media like print advertising and broadcast, while younger demographics like online and social media. So if you are selling to the over 40 crowd, it would be wise to consider print ads in specialty magazines as part of your advertising program. For more information on how to create magazine ads that generate more online sales, call Tom Smisek, is a   Orange County Marketing Consultant and a PRINT MEDIA AD SPECIALIST.