If your company does not have a downloadable catalog on your website, you are losing sales! Many marketers are reaching their customers by posting downloadable sales collateral online. While all catalogs, brochures, product bulletins and sales fliers are designed in print format, they can be also converted to interactive digital formats for online posting.

Digital collateral is a cost-effective way to get printed product and service information in the hands of customers and potential buyers. Distributing new product releases and sales promotional materials has been shown to perk sales. Marketers that maintain a categorized database can send out targeted materials in a timely fashion to reach specific market segments. Developing a comprehensive program is best done under the direction of a Marketing Consultant.

Going digital costs no more than the design and production of the promotional material for print. The same elements; photos, graphics, text, and layout are utilized for hard copy reproduction and are converted to a PDF file for posting. One major advantage of a digital version is the interactive links. Online, the viewer can click on reference links that will take them to other websites and sources. It may be a YouTube video, a magazine article or other enhanced information. While these links appear in the printed hard copy, they would have to be key-stroked in to access them online.

It is essential to start out with a great catalog and to have effective collateral. A Marketing Consultant can provide the services needed to design and produce your catalog and promotional material and integrate it with your website, and to organize a coordinated online marketing campaign specifically for your business. Making a catalog and sales collateral material available online will reach more buyers and promote sales. For more information Tom Smisek Marketing Consultant Orange County CA :