Why there is an “s” in Consultants

Tom Smisek Marketing Consultants (TSC) was launched in 1980 after a ten-year successful career as Tom Smisek Advertising Inc., a full-service ad agency with a staff of eight to eleven employees. While we did all of the creative and production in-house, we still utilized outside services like printers, auto-visual producers and tradeshow booth fabricators to produce projects we designed for our clients.

As marketing evolved in the 80’s, with the advent of on-line, social media and other specialty concepts, it became more efficient and cost-effective to farm out portions of clients’ campaigns to specialists. Tom Smisek Marketing Consultants was established as a marketing firm providing direct marketing analysis, strategy, creative, graphic design and offering a wider spectrum of services by engaging the out-side specialists and associates in a variety of fields. This concept is much like a General Contractor that builds houses by using sub-contractors like framers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, etc. to do specific portions of the assembly.

TSC are Orange County Marketing Consultants positioned as the architect, designer and coordinator of the marketing strategies, designing and implementing comprehensive advertising services, PR and sales promotion campaigns. By working with allied services in fields like; Websites, Social Media, Video Production, we offer our clients the highest level of expertise. So, the “s” in consultants represents a consortium of advertising, media and production professionals brought in, as needed, to provide specific services, in-accordance with the marketing strategy, and coordinate and implemented under the direction of Tom Smisek Certified Professional Consultant.