Business Owners: Don’t wait for a complete recovery

In these uncertain times, when state and politicians are pulling the strings on business operations, you have to be proactive. The on-going tug of war with openings, closures and restrictions have caused havoc to marketers large and small. The knee-jerk responses have been blamed on the Coronavirus, but some suspect political motivation as well, in this election year.

While there is now a “V” curve in the recovery, small and medium sized businesses have experienced stress of their lost income, continuing expenses and employee issues. Business closings have had a ripple affect from retailer, up through the supply and service line. This has resulted in changes of operations and in some case business closures. But the Entrepreneurial American Spirit is alive and well. Business will adapt, change and reemerge stronger and more robust than ever before.

What can businesses do to weather the storm and survive? Don’t wait until everything is back to normal as it once was. That is not going to happen. There are two reasons:

  1. We don’t know when that will be: when they have a proven vaccine?… after the election?… or when you personally feel completely confident everything is back to normal?
  2. Businesses are changing. You may not have the same suppliers or services that you once had. So, while some are taking the wait and see approach, their competitors are not sitting back and relaxing but aggressively planning, preparing and implementing changes. This is what you need to do.

So, here is what you can do now to get ready for the upcoming market surge:

  • Have an objective analysis of your business resources, capabilities, obstacles, goals and objectives. This is where the expertise and outside objectivity of a Marketing Consultant is invaluable. They can help develop a cost-effective marketing strategy and a promotional campaign.
  • After the Marketing Analysis, work with your marketing professional to layout a recovery plan. This may include incremental pre-recovery marketing efforts, and a dynamic recovery launch utilizing advertising, PR and sales promotion in select media.

The bottom line is, get ready, set and go so when the time is right you are capitalizing on the comeback . But don’t wait or you will miss a great opportunity. For more information and to reach a Marketing Consultant in Orange County CA., contact: