Marketing Consultant, Hired Gun

Sheriff TomS

In the old west a town Sheriff would seek outside professional help to resolve a problem. These “Hired Guns” were professionals, brought in on an as needed basis, to bolstered local law enforcement by providing their special abilities and talents. Today, marketers can call on outside professionals in much the same way.

A Marketing Consultant is the hired gun in the world of Marketing, PR, Advertising and Sales Promotion. Like the gunslinger of yesteryear, we are summoned when management determines that their marketing department needs additional support, or their staff does not have the time or capabilities to handle a project. Frequently a Marketing Consultant will be engaged as an adjunct to company staff to enhance a specific aspect of the marketing campaign, to handle overload projects, or for their specialized ability and/or experience. Bring in an outside consultant is often the most cost effective approach in developing a catalog, collateral, launching a new product or preparing for a Trade Show.

A Marketing Consultant utilizes Guerrilla Marketing tactics to augment and reinforce the marketing capabilities of the client by offering expertise based on outside objective analysis and by presenting alternative options. By implementing fresh creative views and a different perspectives, the Marketing Consultant complements and expands the marketing capabilities of large corporations and provides affordable services to smaller marketers who do not have a full-time advertising department.

Consultant services can be rendered hourly (consultation), by project, or on a contract basis. A unique “Lease a Marketing Director” concept, that I have developed, works well for businesses with small budgets, that have a need for top professional help, but do not have the budget for a full-time staff. So marketing experience, professional design services along with comprehensive campaign implementation are available on an as-needed basis for every budget.

Like the old west… when the going gets tough it’s time to call in the big guns. Tom Smisek Advertising/Marketing Consultants is based in Orange County California, since 1980. For more information how a Marketing Consultant can help your business, contact: