Advertising certain products it is sometimes advantageous to view the internal workings, components and composition of a product. This is primarily to point out the features and functions. It works especially well when the product has superior components, over competitive models, that can be illustrated to prospective buyers for Catalogs…

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Designing a Digital Newsletter for your company

Newsletters are an extremely cost-effective communication and promotional media. These periodicals offer on-going communication to potential buyers, current and past customers, dealers and wholesalers along with allied organizations. A well-designed newsletter is a combination of informative content, new product and service PR, sales promotions and advertising components. Information about the…

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What are you doing after the trade shows?

  If you are like most trade show exhibitors you have talked to hundreds of visitors, handed out a lot of literature and accumulated a massive list of contacts. The many prospects that briefly stopped by your booth, also saw thousands of other products and talked to hundreds of exhibitors.…

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Setting up and Managing an In-house Ad Agency

Today some businesses are considering, or have decided, to do their own advertising internally, rather than hire an outside professional firm. The two major reasons are, cost and control, with cost being the most dominant factor. It is easy to justify lower costs when you are looking at employee wages…

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The value of Old School Advertising

As a marketing consultant who has designed thousands of print ads, I have watched the evolution of advertising over the past six decades. Marketing strategies have changed from the traditional to Avant Garde. The advertising that was popular in the 1970’s through the 1980’s is now considered “Old School”. On…

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Launching a New Business

Thousands of new businesses are started every week. Ninety-nine percent will fail within the first year. Primary reasons are; lack of capitalization and poor management. Actually the two go together. Whether you are starting a manufacturing firm, a service business or a distributorship, getting started is a multi-faceted and complex…

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Influencing customers buying decisions

No one advertises Bathing Suits in December or Snow Blowers in May. Seasonal marketing is all about timing. The marketer must have advertising exposure at the start of season to reach prospective customers. To maximize advertising effectiveness, advertising must not only be targeted to the market but be designed to…

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If your business has been down over the past few years, take heart, business is up along with consumer confidence now. Unemployment is a record lows. Tax breaks are putting more money in the pockets of buyers. This is a great time to dynamically increase sale and profits. It is…

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How to Design a Great Catalog

Whether you are selling, on-line, direct to end users, or through distributors and retailers, an impressive catalog is indispensable in presenting your products and making sales. A Good Catalog is not just a list of items, but a user-friendly organized classified directory. A Great Catalog is more than that! It…

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Magazine Ads Drive Online Sales

The Internet has become THE major conAd Drivetender in retail sales. According to recent studies, in 2017 about 60% of us will be buying on-line

Shopping online does offer a wide selection of products and competitive pricing, however, there are some drawbacks like; navigating the maze of sites and ads to get to the product you are looking for. The biggest quandary for many marketers is reaching the perspective customer with a sales message in order for them to shop for it online. The on-line shopper has to know that the product exists, and have the correct product nomenclature, or the exact brand name in order to do a Google search. You can’t look for something that you do not know exists.

So how do marketers get their products and services known? Advertising! According to independent studies, magazines ranked the highest along with TV in directing potential buyers to Web sales. It is interesting that mature audiences rely more on traditional media like print advertising and broadcast, while younger demographics like online and social media. So if you are selling to the over 40 crowd, it would be wise to consider print ads in specialty magazines as part of your advertising program. For more information on how to create magazine ads that generate more online sales, call Tom Smisek, is a   Orange County Marketing Consultant and a PRINT MEDIA AD SPECIALIST.